Wednesday , December 7, 2022


In Pursuit of an Ambitious Omnichannel Strategy, PayPal Goes All-in With Apple
Visa’s Top Executives See Little Impact from the Fed’s Ruling on Debit Transaction Choice
The CFPB’s Buy Now, Pay Later Report Offers a Regulatory Outline, But No Sweeping Overhaul
The Fed Sets a May to July 2023 Window for Its Launch of the FedNow Real-Time Service
Average ATM Withdrawals Are Bigger, But Transactions Still Lag Pre-Pandemic Levels

Empowering Merchants with Real-Time Payment Data

Merchants continue to pull every lever to generate additional revenue within an increasingly competitive landscape. For them, it is a ...
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How Consumers Are Steadily Adopting Online And Mobile Channels for Bill Pay

Digital bill payment has become table stakes for billers as consumers have increasingly gravitated toward paying their bills through mobile ...
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Crypto’s Headaches Started Long Before the Collapse of FTX, According to App Stats

Jitters about the economy and the impact of the FTX implosion may have combined to clobber the cryptocurrency market, but ...
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Clickatell’s Travel Chat Updates And Other Digital Transactions News briefs from 12/7/22

The messaging app Clickatell added updates to its Chat Commerce Platform, including a new integration of Chat 2 Pay, which allows travel ...
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The Advantage of Cloud-Enabled Payments for ISVs

By Tom Byrnes, SVP, Marketing If you are an ISV, you know that adding payments to your solution adds value ...
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Eye on E-Commerce: GoDaddy’s Platform for WordPress, And Aeropay’s Mosaic Move

The big Internet services provider GoDaddy Inc. said on Tuesday it is using its Manage WooCommerce Stores technology to help ...
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Looking to Sharpen Its Edge in Merchant Services, NMI Acquires Agreement Express’s Payments Assets

Payment platform provider NMI has acquired Agreement Express Inc.’s merchant onboarding, underwriting, and monitoring technologies. The acquisition, which is for ...
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Curve Lines up $1 Billion for Flex And Other Digital Transactions News briefs from 12/6/22

Curve OS Ltd. said it secured a deal with Credit Suisse to fund its first $1 billion in installment loans, via ...
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